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Smash It With A Hammer!!!!! - Canucks @ Red Wings Gamethread

4:30 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: Winging It In Motown
Enemy pro: Pavel Datsyuk is injured, so we won't have to worry about him.
Enemy con: Geez, Jimmy Howard has been really good this year.

If any of you older folks are wondering where this clip comes from, it's from Emperor's New Groove, one of the last movies from that Disney "Renaissance" period in the 90's, the stuff I grew up on. It's actually a very good movie.
I was thinking of saving this clip for when we next face Edmonton, since I already have the rookies in a box. However, this does also have some significance for this game. See, the Red Wings are like Kuzco, the emperor who needs to be dethroned, and the Canucks are like Yzma, the advisor who can easily overtake the throne. Maybe we should follow this original plan of hers, instead of trying to poison Detroit instead and accidentally turning them into a llama.... (By the way, speaking of llamas....)

Coconuts go.