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Ooh, Somebody Stop Me!!! - Canucks @ Predators Gamethread

5:00 pm PST, SNet PacEnemy territory: On the ForecheckEnemy pro: Their highest scorer, Martin Erat, only has 42 points this year.
Enemy con: Despite his GAA getting worse, Pekka Rinne is still solid.

I did have an idea yesterday afternoon for this gamethread, when I found out that Hal Gill had been traded to Nashville. However, I quickly forgot it, so instead you're getting clips from the amazingly awesome movie I watched last night.
Anyways, aside from the trade, there's nothing new here. Just the Canucks playing the Predators for the 2nd time in the last while. In fact, it was against Nashville that we got our 5th win in this weird 10-0-3 stretch. Our boys really have a lot of tricks in their pockets right now, and they're using them.

Coconuts go.