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Did You Blow Him Away Or Something? - Canucks vs Red Wings Gamethread

7:00 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: Winging It In Motown
Enemy pro: Todd Bertuzzi is back in town.
Enemy con: Pavel Datsyuk is ridiculous.

Remember the good old days, where the Canucks were trying to figure out how to be elite, but kept getting weighed down by goonery and Chicago? In a way, Vancouver used to be like Jeannie Bueller, struggling with why everyone gets away with stuff that we can't do. At this time, the Red Wings were (and still are) the model for building a championship team. In a way, they're kinda like Charlie Sheen in the video above, explaining to Jeannie that the problem is the Canucks themselves, not the teams around them. Vancouver needs to find their own ways to get what they want, and stop worring so much about what others are doing. Well, look at us now. We finally found a method to get to the Stanley Cup Finals, maintain great depth, and embrace the hate. And now, we once again face the team who set the bar.

Coconuts go.