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Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, they be making hockey memes here


Guess whose back......back again......Stanchions back......tell a friend.......

When last we left me, I was staying up really late, getting no sleep, writing articles for Nucksmisconduct, and not getting paid. But now? Now I'm staying up really late, getting no sleep, writing articles for The Province and not getting paid! Wait, what? Damn it.

That being said, I love the team here at Nucksmisconduct, and I knew I wanted to do a weekly article, I just didn't know what to do. Somehow through conversations on twitter I decided it would be fun to bring my non-nonsensical approach to NM by doing an article that will be very silly. But since you guys are more accepting than the Province audience can be (They're vicious! Vicious I tells you!) I feel I can be sillier over here and attempt to do things that will either be really really funny, or they will be painfully dull. But either way you guys will pretend to like it, right? RIGHT?

So what is my article going to be you ask? Simple. We are going to make hockey memes! That's right! If something happened, or has happened recently, we will be making a meme out of it because honestly, who doesn't like inside jokes that we can reference years down the line? I know Dr. Recchi is a staple of my diet now. For example, this week I was THIS close to doing a series of Dr. Recchi memes. You might have seen it already, but the premise is we would go to Dr. Recchi to diagnose any players on the injured list.


This amuses me because A) Recchi is an idiot and B) Recchi is an idiot. Sadly in this case Dr. Recchi was correct in his diagnosis. DAMN YOU!

But with the news of Brad Staubitz being put on waivers, I knew I had to go a different direction. A radical direction. A Kane direction.

That's right, I'm bringing the Kane Caruso meme back, bitches.

Don't know how it works? Go read HERE to save us the space.

So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the first Patrick Kane Caruso meme of 2012.


Boom. Kane'd.

So yes, I hope to have some fun with this every week. It is not meant to be serious, it will just (hopefully) be a decent laugh once a week. Remember, if it sucks and isn't funny, you can always be happy I don't get paid for it. That's what my mother always says..... *cry*

Good to be back!