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Your (Obscenely Late) Morning Buzz

Sedin with the Tebow. Even Jesus celebrated by fending off the Mayan apocalypse another day.
Sedin with the Tebow. Even Jesus celebrated by fending off the Mayan apocalypse another day.

So as I post this I see it's closing in on 4:00 AM in Tokyo, so it still counts as a morning buzz even though we missed most of this continent. Big deal. It's always morning somewhere right?

Your man Jordan is out fighting crime and saving dogs (wait, that's Backes and his wife, nevermind).

So I shed the corporate shackles briefly to pinch hit which, honestly, isn't all the hard when the biggest thing to discuss is slaying the dead heads.


You wanna da jump? You get da jump.


Vancouver Canucks News & Notes

  • So that Ginga Ninja is starting to turn some heads. Just ask Brendan Morrison if he didn't snap his hip again. [Vancouver Sun]
  • "If they look at that they’re going to see it’s a penalty. There’s a slash to my hands and I couldn’t make the move I want. I think it’s pretty clear it’s a definition of a penalty shot. A terrible call." [The White Towel]
  • Raymond has played 25 games. His trade rumors have lasted 25 games. I'm awesome at math. [The Province]
  • I love this series: the game according to Twitter [CHB]
  • Kevin Bieksa is doing his part in honor of Rick Rypien. Even John Scott said something nice and not monosyllabic. [CSNChicago]
  • Need some more feel good? Roberto Luongo and the Make-A-Wish foundation have you covered. []
  • More rosterbation: How about Edler with good old Bryan Allen? [Puck Drunk Love] Or perhaps Brendan Morrow? [Blackout Dallas]
  • A look at the kids courtesy of Hockey's Future. [HF] tl;dr - The G/D looks good, but up front? Not so good.

Today in Canucks History

  • Feb 1, 1975: Ken Lockett becomes the first Canuck goalie to surrender a penalty shot goal when Steve Atkinson of Washington beats him. (Lesser known fact: Kay Whitmore was watching from home, remarking to his parents "I hope to be abused in net one day too")

NHL News & Notes

  • The funniest box score you'll see today. [Yahoo!]
  • Your three stars to kick off 2012: Tavares, Malkin and Rinne. [NHL]
  • Anything that gets Pierre McGuire away from broadcast microphones should be celebrated. [Mitch Melnik]
  • ...and now a word from Christian Ehrhoff land [Sports Illustrated]
  • Teams sitting in or near home ice positions for playoffs tend to take a lot of penalties. [Backhand Shelf]
  • More riot bullshit Nothing to see here moving right along [UPI]
  • It would be stupid for the Devils to trade Parise now, which is why he'll be gone by the end of this sentence. [ILWT]

What I Listened To While I Wrote This

What? Never heard of them? Sigh...who can I blame? I got it: Kid 'n Play. Fuck those guys.