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Killer Booth, Schneider Wins And Other Canucks News

  • David Booth just isn't going to make a lot of friends in this Province with his hunting antics. He gave The Province a pretty sweet quote to fuel the fire recently:
    "I’m somewhere in the state of Ohio. There are a couple of good hunting spots out here and I try to mix in a hunt almost every day, whether it’s in the morning or evening. I like to get up really early in the morning, and it’s kind of a nice little routine. It’s almost 8 p.m. here and I’m usually sleeping by this time."
    Heheh. Ah David, never change. Ben Kuzma's article wasn't just about that though. Booth is staying in great shape and even had to tone down his training regimen a bit. (The Province
  • Canucks' prospect defenceman Frank Corrado has made it to the final training camp for the World Juniors Hockey Tournament, set to take place in Russia December 26 - January 5. Congrats, Frank and good luck. The entire list of players at the final camp can be found here.
  • Cory Schneider, in Schneiderian fashion, stopped 40 of 43 shots in his debut with Ambri-Piotta Lakers on Sunday. They won 4-3. (The Vancouver Sun)
  • Comically (or not) his first press conference over yonder was interrupted by a mine explosion. "What the hell was that?" inquired Schneider. "Oh, that's just David Booth hunting bear" said someone from the press.
  • Why is a sports store in Toronto selling a Maple Leafs Roberto Luongo jersey? Is this a leak? No, it's not that at all, explains Puck Daddy. Remember when Mats Sundin Canucks jersey photos were leaked weeks before he informed anybody he was going to play here? THAT was Nostradamusian.
  • Chris Higgins will not play in Europe because he couldn't live with himself if he got hurt there. (The Vancouver Sun). You can get hurt just leaving your house, Chris.
  • The Chicago Wolves have lost 7 of their last 8 games. Eddie Lack is now out with a hip flexor injury. His play is being called inconsistent. Coach Scott Arniel benched both Zack Kassian and Jordan Schroeder to send a message. (The Vancouver Sun)


  • Am I the only one who doesn't give a rat sh*t about a handful of NHL players and owners meeting tomorrow? Maybe this can kick start negotiations. Maybe I should kick a kitten every day this lockout continues.
  • Hot hockey women, a calendar, and charity. Yea, see here!
  • Raffi Torres says he is going to change his playing style so that he doesn't get booted from the NHL entirely:

-Brad Marchand.

-How depressing the Columbus Blue Jackets are. Seriously it stopped being funny like six years ago.

-Inconsistent officiating.

-The words 'classless' and 'classy', any and all variations of either word, and discussions about whether players, teams, or fans are either.

-Yelling about concussions.

There's more, including a knock on some Canucks fans. I say "some" because you can't put us all in the same box and label us. Go check it out, and DO NOT for the love of God, get your panties in a twist.....or a bunch....or whatever.