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Gillis And Gilman Talk Lockout, Edler, Ballard, Team And More On Team 1040 Today

Like a boss.
Like a boss.
Jeff Gross

If you want to listen to bits and pieces or the entirety of it you can head over to the Team 1040 website and check that out here. Some nice chap called Strombone1 posted the interview in writing in the forums. See? It's not always bad there. I thank him and will copy / paste his transcription here, because there are some goods:

MG: We'll find out when we get going what the opinions of fans are.
LG: everywhere I go, people are asking if we’re going to be playing hockey soon.

MG: far more difficult to rationalize this lockout than the last one.

<Does it gnaw at you knowing the Sedins have a window of winning?>

I don’t look at it that way.

Culture of winning more important than a time period to win.

Ryan looks good, he’s happy. Talked to him yesterday. We’re all confident he’s going to be back on the ice and at full speed. It wont be long after we start that he’ll be back on ice.

LG: We weren’t happy the agent reported the status of our player to the media without our knowledge. Talked to Kurt about it. Spoke to Kesler about it. He’s working very hard to get better. These things happen in the business. Not sure what Overhardt’s motivation could be to announce Ryan’s months away. We told him what our expectations are.

<Word on the street is it's for the paycheck>

MG: hold on, hold on, hold on. I was an agent for a long time. When you’re an agent you often want to protect them or put them in the best light possible. In this case he was overzealous that he wanted to protect Ryan whenever he came back. I’ve known him for a long time, I would be astounded if he did something nefarious like that.

We don’t rush players back. Not sure why Kurt chose to do that. We’ve had a discussion with him. We set the record straight. Sometime there is an error in judgment and you move on.

LG: Edler is still a young player. It's not an unnatural thing that he’s accepting the fact that there’s going to be some measure of pain going forward. It is a process. Alex has benefited from the depth of players that we’ve had. He’s still an evolving hockey player. People need to curve their expectations of him. He has most of his career ahead of him than behind him.

MG: There’s no timeline. You need support form your teammates. Confidence comes and goes with everybody.

Very disappointed for Corrado. Very pleased he showed up and he handled it well!

LG: the reason he got as far as he did, Hockey Canada had very high risk high payout players. Scouts kept looking at him and noticed he's a very reliable player. He's got Tanev qualities. That enables your horses to take the puck and run.

<opening clip back from commercial break is from Gillis’ press conference when he took over, ”I think this needs to get faster, more grit, more competitive.”>

MG: We as an organization have a lot to be proud of. We’ve been in more playoff games than any other team. Sometimes you make mistakes, it’s a hard business. We’re not trying to fool anybody. We’ve said when we didn’t feel we had a good team.

During our tenure here we’ve seen an evolution in social media. Twitter and different mechanisms are very different than it was back then. There are times it absolutely infuriates me when the power it can have with 1 comment on a story. There are times when it begins to pile on, it really bothers me.

LG: in the confined of closed doors I give it to Mike heavily. I think this is an exceptionally brutal hockey market. I’ve watched some mercilessly things that have been written about our players. We yearned for as much coverage back in Phoenix as here.

MG: the things that bother me are not criticisms of players or us. It’s the fact that one small thing that can be real distractions that grow out of control.

LG: The media was brutal to Keith when he first got to Vancouver. He’s gotten used to it and that makes him a better player.

MG: Only way we can go through West is if we have multiple players that play different minutes. We have to really manage 10 players’ ice time to get through it.

We love Bieksa at 21 minutes. Not so much at 26 minutes. He won’t be able to last here.

I had forgotten about the shit and abuse Keith Ballard took when he first got here. Kudos to Mike Gillis for standing up for him, AND bashing some of the shitheads on social media. Love it.

I also like that they set Kurt Overhardt (Ryan Kesler's agent) straight about running his mouth to the media.

In case you had not read about it days ago, Alexander Edler and Jason Garrison are both cleared to play. Edler's scenario bothers me. I hope that last April was not the last we see of him in a Canucks jersey. Sure, he struggled last season, but I see his potential. Watch this video:

Wooee! The kids a beauty!

Or this one:

I think he's a silent assassin. Off ice he is very quiet. On the ice he murders people. But I have no doubt that he's gone via free agency next summer. Good luck filling his shoes, Jason Garrison.