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CBC Wants To Know, Canada: What Are You Doing With Your Free Time During The Lockout?

Michael Heiman

Late last week I was contacted by a producer for CBC's Doc Zone wondering what I was doing with all of these freed up hours I have because of the NHL lockout. I am going to quote the email.

I am a television producer/director with CBC Television. I work on the program "Doc Zone".
While we are keeping our fingers crossed that the NHL season can be saved, we are, nevertheless, bracing for the possibility of a winter without hockey. Should that happen, we are exploring a documentary idea. Our focus would not be on the labour dispute, the economics or any of the negotiations at all.
Instead we want to take a look at how Canadians are coping without the national game. It would speak to our psyche, our emotional connection to hockey, and it would be a wry, affectionate perspective
So..we want to know what people are doing without their NHL fix. Have you taken up a new hobby? Kick start an old hobby? If you're part of a family of hockey fans, what are all of you doing now? If you're in business, how are you meeting the challenge? If you use the hockey season to entertain clients, what are the alternatives?
We're open to all ideas. We're not trying to make light of the labour dispute. Rather through these stories we hope to show that even if hockey is gone, it is not forgotten.

This episode will not air if the lockout comes to an end and the NHL-NHLPA can salvage some sort of a season in the next few weeks. I hope there is no episode. However, I am not feeling so confident at this point.

So let's hear it, hockey fans. If you only watch your favorite team, you have about 6-12 hours freed up per week and 246 hours (10 days) freed up during an entire season, not including playoffs. What are you / have you been doing with your free time? Your story may make it onto CBC's Doc Zone, and everybody wants to be famous, right?

I have a new hobby called "kids". A 21-month-old son and a 2-month-old son. I get to freely spend more time with them and give them more attention rather than push them aside so I can see some Sedinery or yell "LUUUUUUUUU". This also means I spend more time with my wife and not zone out! I / we have watched new shows that I had not gotten into before: Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Homeland. Every episode. Simple, yes. It is what it is.

We don't want to hear your opinion of the lockout. Let's hear what YOU have been doing. Be as honest and descriptive as possible!