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Kesler "Months" Away From Returning Says Agent

Jeff Gross

Finally some Canucks news. Ryan Kesler's agent Kurt Overhardt told the Province today that his client's return date has been pushed back several months.

"The re-evaluation was positive in that the surgeries were successful," said Overhardt. "However, the compounding nature of both of those surgeries being on the same side of the body, it’s been very hard to properly rehab either one of the them — particularly the shoulder — because that’s obviously a big deal.

"I don’t think it’s fair to have any sort of time frame when he’s going to be 100 per cent and cleared to play. I don’t have a crystal ball and it’s certainly months away, it’s not weeks away. It’s several months away."

The original time frame for Kesler's availability was sometime in January, if I recall correctly. Interesting. Assistant GM Laurence Gilman said in response:

"I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s months away — that’s news to me — and I haven’t been given a timeline. The rehab for his shoulder was complicated by the surgery that happened with his wrist and it has impacted his ability to build strength in his shoulder.

"It’s a gradual process and he’s improving every day. We assume he’ll be healthy in due course but when that’s going to be, at this stage that’s not clear."

The first part is a bit intriguing. I guess Gilman knows now.

Back in early October, Kesler told the Vancouver Sun:

"I'm still pretty banged up. Can't shoot. Can't really even stickhandle yet. I think the timeline was December before the wrist. When the wrist came into effect, it really hindered the shoulder. I couldn't do much for eight weeks so that puts you back two months with the shoulder. Strength-wise, I'm pretty far behind."

So there was some speculation on Kesler's part that this could become more complicated.

Is there any issue to speculate about here? Kesler is getting paid his full $5 million salary even though the NHL players are locked out. How happy are the owners to be paying that while they themselves are losing money? Hopefully nothing controversial comes out of this.

More important would be the amount of games played without Ryan Kesler if the season would get the hell going again over the coming weeks. Kesler, like Alexandre Burrows, is a Mr. Everything for the Vancouver Canucks. He anchors the second line, he kills penalties, he works the power play, he's a Selke Trophy winner for crying out loud! It wouldn't be easy to fill that gap. Some say Chris Higgins could, as he played the center position when he played for Montreal. I think Maxim Lapierre could fill the void. If need be, the Canucks could acquire a center in a Roberto Luongo trade as well.

It's hard to really give a rat's ass about this extended time loss for the KesLord when I am doubting there will even be an NHL season. BUT IF THERE IS ONE...I will get nervous about playing that late in the year without the Lord Kes, make no mistake!

I dunno. Sometimes you just need to watch/listen to SLAYER!

(High five to raincity for the heads up on the KesLord story)