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NHL CBA Update: December 10, 2012: More Cancelled Games

"Steve wants to know if you're wearing panties right now..."
"Steve wants to know if you're wearing panties right now..."
Bruce Bennett

The NHL announced today that all games through December 30 have been cancelled. That means the death toll on games lost will be 526 regular season games, or, about 43% of the season.

The pressure is on now. Gary Bettman said last week: "When it gets to the point where we can't play a season with integrity, with a representative schedule, then we'll be done. If you go back in history, in '94-95 I think we played 48 games. I can't imagine wanting to play fewer than that."

So, as I have read today, that would mean that a CBA would have to be agreed upon sometime in mid-January. But then again, I wouldn't put an exact timeline on it because of the words I italicized in Bettman's quote. So vague, Gary. I call bullshit. If the players choose to decertify then yea, bury the season 6 feet deep. That d-word is getting thrown around again but is generally seen as a last resort as in, a last resort to actually decertify over just threatening it.

Steve Fehr and Bill Daly had talks of their own over the weekend, but there is still no date for the two sides getting back together and negotiating. That is because Bettman and the owners are having a "hissy fit" and playing the waiting game after the failed negotiations last week. The players and Donald Fehr are saying that they want to get back to the table but Bettman and the owners are not willing to talk. Spin, spin, spin. Blame, blame, blame.

Donald Fehr said last week that the sides were not that far apart, while Bettman got angry and said otherwise. Fehr maintained that stance this weekend. I think, as with most shit and babble both sides are feeding us, that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The sides are close on some issues and far apart on others.

I also think that we should see a return to the bargaining table sometime this week, or at least set a date for it. Either way it will be soon.

Ray Ferraro still thinks there will be a season (so does Daniel Sedin). I generally agree with Ray, so I am going to believe in him and follow him blindly. That's my logic, because god forbid I apply any of it to the current negotiations, except maybe that one or both sides possibly planned a 48 game or less season all along while they held their cards close to their chest waiting for the other side to break on as many issues as possible. That is what negotiations and dealings are all about right?

Sit and suck on it, hockey fans. Sh*t's about to get real.

In the meantime, think very carefully before you PROMISE to do something like this:

You can make your pledge by "Liking" their Facebook page. Or not. 5764 people have already pledged their allegiance to lie. Did I say that out loud? LIARS! (save maybe 1-2% of you).


I think it's time for some Slayer....

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