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Morning Buzz: Canucks Share Workouts and CBA Meetings

Hey everyone! I'm back again, sorry for sucking so much lately, sometimes real life sucks, stupid work

Oh, Bieksa. Bicep curls?
Oh, Bieksa. Bicep curls?
Jonathan Daniel

Good morning everyone, I trust that you're all well and are eagerly waiting for this post. The Canucks share workout tips, there's CBA news and the fake season is still rollin' along. Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Province sports writer, Team 1040 radio host and Ray Ferraro's BBF, Jason Botchford talks about the Canucks and their sharing of each others workouts.

>> Ben Kuzma shaps politics with Canucks goalie and resident Nintendo champion Cory Schneider.

>> The Kuzmatic one also talks with Schneider about the NHL and the PA entering make or break territory with the CBA negotiations.

>> The fake season just keeps rollin' on with games against the Tampa Bay Bastards Lightning and the Pittsburgh Whatchamacallits Penguins

That's all for Canucks news. I promise to stay more on top of this and neglect my real job like any good blogger.

The Other Guys:

>> The NHL and the PA have been meeting for longer periods of time than usual, which hopefully means some finally said "alright, lets cut the shit". Apparently the "make whole" provision will be discussed today.

>> Flyers forward Max Talbot is off to the SM-Liiga, well...maybe.

>> Brandon "who the fuck wears number 65...oh right, a few people do" Shaw has been suspended for six games for being an asshole leaving the bench during a fight.

Folks, that's all for me today! Sorry again for my lengthy absences from the Morning Buzz. Have a good day today and remember, if someone takes off their shoes before they fight you, just fucking run.

- Mitch