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Videos: Best Recent Canucks - Sabres Moments

Rick Stewart

IF there was no lock out, the Canucks would have played the Buffalo Sabres tonight. So, just to make you miss hockey even more, here are some videos of awesome Canucks-Sabres moments from the recent past.

It looks like the Canucks were feeling pretty confident against the Sabres in January 2010, especially when you consider Kyle Wellwood and Pavol Demitra attempt the Double Malik Maneuver. Here are the Canucks goals plus the Maneuver from that game:

My fave moment wasn't the Woody-Demo play. It was (My name is) Luko's first goal in over 100 games:

What a play by Daniel Sedin. Good grief. I always wanted Lukowich to stay a Canuck. He was a steady guy. Another Aaron Rome type. I am a sucker for those lunch pail d-men.

Can't forget about the day the Canucks traded Cody Hodgson:

Fresh off the Cody Hodgson trade, Zack Kassian's first goal as a Canuck came against:

What a ripper that was. I hope we see a lot of that from him down the road.

The following game went to a shootout. Check out the highlights, especially the save by Dany Sabourin on Daniel Briere in the SO, holy crap:

Oh hey, here's a vid I uploaded to YouTube: Brendan Morrison's first game as a Canuck:

RAFFI! RAFFI! RAFFI! Raffi Torres smokes the much bigger Tyler Myers:

Best Canucks-Sabres game in recent memory? It happened during the 1997/98 season. Gino Odjick takes a run at Dominik Hasek and all hell breaks loose:

Then Matthew Barnaby takes a run at Sean Burke:

Trevor Linden holding his own against Rob Ray! Impressive!

But there's more!

C'mon, that's awesome stuff. And people don't want that in today's NHL? Damn fools.

Oh wait, there's still more brawling from that game! Barnaby vs Bryan McCabe:

Still more: Donald Brashear vs Paul Kruse:

Amazing. One of the craziest Canucks I can remember watching.

Hope you enjoyed the compilation.