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Morning Buzz: Manny Malhotra like Ernest P Worrell just won't quit

Manny is ready to bounce back if this stupid lockout ever ends and the NHL and the PA are meeting with their divorce Councillors again.

Rich Lam

Good morning, everyone,

Little bit of Canucks news, little bit of NHL news, maybe a lot of the same that's been said but at least there is a guarantee for more swear words than most blogs. Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Jason Botchford of the Province talks about Manny Malhotra's catch-up season and his will to keep going.

>> After spilling a copious amount of Pepsi on his computer, Wyatt Arndt has COME BACK with more of the fake season.

>> A couple of Canucks news pieces come courtesy of Thomas Drance and Cam Charron of Canucks Army. Cam has a fight between Zack Kassian and Kyle "remember when Canucks fans were upset Cody Hodgson was drafted instead of this guy?" Beach. Meanwhile, Thomas' news is from yesterday but some how I missed it and it's his bit on where Forbes ranks how much the Canucks are worth.

>> Pass it to Bulis are apparently hungrier than Wolves...or something like that, but they've got a write up on last nights Chicago Wolves game.

>> Also, if you fancy some pictures of Cory Schneider in Switzerland stopping some pucks, Thomas Drance was kind enough to link us to this page, courtesy of

That's all for Canucks today, I would imagine.

The Other Guys:

>> The NHL and the PA are again meeting today with their respective divorce councillors to try and has it out to save the season. Don't do it for the kids guys, do it for the grown men who miss shouting at their TV's!

>> File this under "This fucking sucks" but Minnesota Wild goalie Josh Harding has been diagnosed with MS. All the best to him.

>> Just when things look up for the Phoenix Coyotes, someone comes along and kicks them so hard in the dick, it's pinned to their leg for a week. Glendale's Mayor-Elect is quite unhappy with the new Coyotes lease.

>> Erik Goodbranson likes to wake board, unfortunate for him and his agent apparently, because the Panthers have suspended him due to an injury he sustained in September while doing it.

Well, that's it from me. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day everyone!

- Mitch