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Morning Buzz: Schneider Heads Overseas and I has a sad

It's been a while! Well, I guess that happens when there's a lockout, but if you're smart you've been glued to Nucksmisconduct for the other great features they've been putting out during this dreadful lockout.

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Good morning, everyone,

I would like to apologize for the lack of updates on my part, real work and lack of an NHL season have made it some what hard to gather news and make it fun and interesting and full of the usual amount of swears I like to contribute to this piece. Having said that, we've got some Canucks news today and other random NHL bullshit. So, lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Canucks goalie and violin playing goalie Cory Schneider is taking his talents to South Beach Switzerland. He's signed a contract to play for Ambri-Piotta of the Swiss-A League.

>> Ben Kuzma will not return my invites for brunch, but at least he has a great write up on how draft depth will become vital for the Canucks.

>> Cam Charron says the TSN stats guy found an interesting, but useless stat about Cory Schneider.

>> Don't get mad at me for posting yesterdays news, you should be lucky I'm not scouring the interwebs in search for news for the last several weeks, but Thomas Drance from Canucks Army talks about the Chicago Wolves recalling goalie Joe Cannata.

>> Also from yesterday, Cam Charron wonders did Alain Vigneault started Manny Malhotra too much in the defensive zone last season.

That's all for Canucks news today, savor the flavor, might be a while before there is more.

The Other Guys:

>> Those fucking assholes over in New York are meeting today with the help of a mediator. Cut the shit and get something done, okay?

>> Daniel Alfredsson, who in my opinion had the best head of hockey hair ever is apparently eyeing Italy or France if the NHL season is stuffed in a sack and beaten to death with a bag of door knobs.

>> Hey! Guess what? Glendale City Council has approved the Coyotes lease agreement. Turns out all that humming and hawing that Shane Doan did paid off.

That's all for today, folks. Enjoy your day, and when you see a sign that says "Do not feed the bears", boy you had better not feed the bears.

- Mitch