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Video: Best Recent Canucks-Canadiens Moments

Ooooo! Suckah!
Ooooo! Suckah!
Richard Wolowicz

Had there not have been a lockout, the Canucks would have faced the Montreal Canadiens on CBC tonight. So, in honor of that fact I present to you, for your viewing pleasure, the best Canucks-Canadiens moments that I could find on YouTube.

BC Boy Carey Price has a super game against the Canucks back in November of 2010:

Remember the RPM line?

Speed kills! October 2009: SLAUGHTER!!

December 2011: Down 3-0 in Montreal, what could possibly happen?


January 2007: Oh my god. We had Marc Chouinard, Jan Bulis and Lukas Krajicek? Time to trap!

RIP Rick Rypien. Damn, you were a beauty.


Make no mistake, former Habs defenceman Lyle Odelein was a tough SOB as you can see here when he takes on Gino Odjick:

BRAWL 1986!

Bobby Bobby not f*** with Shayne Corson:

I think this was one of the Green Men's best moments:

enjoy your weekend!