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Morning Buzz: Garrison and Edler Skating, PA and NHL Circling the Drain

Hey everyone, sorry for sucking at this the past week. I've been sick and it's been fucking awful.

Alex Edler, you magnificent bastard!
Alex Edler, you magnificent bastard!
Rich Lam

Morning, everyone. I trust you are well, or in the middle of getting sick like I am. I'd like to thank my four year old son for bringing home everything, including the ebloa virus from school. Anyways, we have some Canucks news and the NHL and the PA are circling the drain yet again. Lets get at it.

Canucks News:

>> Ben Kuzma has unearthed a terrifyingly dark and sinister secret that really isn't any of those things. But at least Alex Edler and Jason Garrison are skating with the Thunderbirds....and some locked out team mates. But don't fucking tell anyone!

>> The Legion of Blog have an awesome new logo and they've got a blogcast that you can listen to as well. Also coming this month? LOB TV, whether we want it or not apparently.

>> Thomas Drance from Canucks Army talks about Roberto Luongo and his future with the Canucks, as well as a few possible trade scenarios. Why they make sense and why they don't.

You know, I thought I had a little more than that this morning...guess not. Well! That's all for Canucks news. Lets see what the other assholes are up to!

The Other Guys:

>> The NHL and the PA are negotiating about how to get together and negotiate. Really? You guys really are a bunch of assholes. Get it together.

>> I thought they were kidding about a CHLPA. I wrote it down in my journal. "Someone told a very funny joke today". I laughed about it later on that night! Either way, George Laraque is going to quit the CHLPA.

>> Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk (who could be the less fluffy haired brother, or at least stunt double of Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz) is in some shit for speaking out against the lockout.

>> Paul Bissonnette of the Phoenix Coyotes has signed to play in the EIHL. Yep, that's news today.

>> It's a good thing Don Cherry is losing his fucking mind because according to the man who cannot pronounce players names to save his own life, he's betting the NHL season is done.

Well, that's all for me today! Everyone have a great weekend. Thank you for reading!

- Mitch