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Morning Buzz: We get it, Bure's number should be retired. NHL done with proposals

Lets face it, with a lack of quality Canucks news, every time someone mentions Bure's jersey, it's going to make it here. Also, the NHL said they're done making proposals.

Don't you miss this?
Don't you miss this?
Doug Pensinger

Good morning, everyone. I trust that you didn't wake up today thinking it was Saturday. It sucks, I should know. I've done it more than once. Anyways, we've got more on Bure and the CBA stand still or whatever the fuck they call it these days. Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Yep, more Bure news. When one, two or thirty seven different news clippings aren't enough, why not add one more? Pavel Bure's old pal and the envy of Gino "Ahooo" Odjick, Igor Larinov says the Canucks should retire Pavel's number 10. What a shock! Just once I'd like to read "Yeah, he's my good friend, but fuck him, why does he get his jersey retired?"

>> Jason "insert witty shap related name here" Botchford says that Canucks goalie Cory Schneider has all but given up hope of playing in Europe.

>> If you're a fan of quality information and cool drawings, Canucks Army has the Hitchhikers guide to the Lockout.

Sadly, that's all for Canucks news today.

The Other Guys:

>> Bill "If I still had hair there would be no lockout" Daly said that the NHL is done making proposals.

>> Brandon Dubinsky consistently has a great head of hair. Just throwing that out there, because I know I'm not the only one who thinks it. Anyways, he's out of action for a while after he broke his hand blocking a shot.

>> Detroit Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan has been arrested for "super drunk driving" something that ACTUALLY exists. There ya go.

>> Dr. Mark Recchi is an asshole, but that's not news. He talks about the lockout and gives his perspective on work stoppages.

That's all for me today, folks. Here's hoping for some kind of break through in CBA negotiations. Like a hug, or something. Shit, man, I don't know.

Thanks for reading!

- Mitch