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Morning Buzz: Hamhuis Concerned About Lockout, Leclaire Retires

You read that correctly, Pascal Leclaire made a headline. I know. THAT kind of day today. Tuesday needs to pack it's fucking bags and make way for Friday and Saturday.

Christian Petersen

Good morning, everyone! First I would like to apologize for the lack of Morning Buzz articles coming from me. I have had some issues with posting on the site. Every time I go to publish an article my computer just laughs and gives me the finger. The fuck? Anyways, we're here and lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Dan Hamhuis talked to Ben "I'm not drinking any fucking Merlot" Kuzma about how pleased he is to see NHL stars honored, but concerned about the lockout.

>> Locals have been booing Justin Schultz? That doesn't seem like something Canucks fans would...oh, yeah, it is. The same fans who cheered Todd Bertuzzi after his return from suspension and then booed him upon his return as a member of the Anaheim Ducks.

>> Wyatt Arndt has games 10 and 11 of the fake season. Pretty happy that I spelled his name correctly the first time. Tuesday is coming up Milhouse!

>> Seems like Iain MacIntyre likes taking a shit on Pavel Bure. Once again IMac talks about how Vancouver loved Bure but Bure didn't love them back.

>> Speaking of Bure, some handsome motherfucker shared his top five favorite Bure moments. No, none of them was Bure being traded.

>> Over at Canucks Army, Dimitri Filipovic talks about how Chris Higgins doesn't get mainstream attention, but he should.

That's it for Canucks news today. Not too bad for a Tuesday in the middle of a stupid fucking lockout!

The Other Guys:

>> Pascal Leclaire has decided to retire. Retreating back to his place of birth, Whovile, Leclaire leaves a lot left unfinished.

>> In the "my dick is bigger than yours" news department today, people are wondering when the NHL and the PA will seek a federal mediator.

>> It's hard not to think about only good things when you're thinking of Joe Sakic. That is unless you're a Canucks fans, the dude literally destroyed us. But Pro Hockey Talk takes a look Mr. Sakic's classy nature.

>> Mats Sundin will never forget what the Leafs fans gave him. No, it's not a disease or any kind of stomach ailment, that was the Canucks...and it was VD.

>> Ottawa Senators defenseman Jared "don't you EVER call me Jeff!" Cowan is out and possibly for the remainder of the season.

>> Stephan Weiss talks about how he wants to end his career as a Panther. Yeah, he actually said that.

That's it for me today, everyone. Hope you all have a good day and punch Tuesday in the balls.

- Mitch