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Morning Buzz: You better call Kenny Loggins

Cause the NHL's regular season is in the danger zone (here all night folks).

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Vancouver Canucks News

>> Baby 'Nucks bitchslap baby Hawks.

>> Fake season game #5 against the Canucks and jilted lover Shane Doan the Coyotes.

>> Back in reality, K-Nauts is ready to prove himself (by blasting a slapshot through a throat or two).

>> Also knocking on the big leagues door? Jordan Schroeder.

>> Massive Alexandre Grenier is in Eric Lindros land.

>> It...just...never...ends.

>> The latest Straight Jab cartoon zeros in on the easiest of targets: Dan Cloutier.

Everyone Else

>> Your latest CBA update: No talks since Tuesday, no talks planned and no constructive positions to build momentum on. Rinse, wash, repeat until you put your fist through the drywall.

>> If I may summarize Henrik Zetterberg this morning: "We can't really negotiate with their pile of shit."

>> Wait wait, you mean the 2012 Parise/Sutter brah hug may not get all their millions?

>> Latest news in the talent migration: Mikael Backlund is off to Sweden, Claude Giroux and Danny Briere are hitting up Oktoberfest while Joe Pavelski and Andrew Ladd are taking their crafts to the KHL.

>> Revisiting the NHL anti-diving measures.

>> Top ten hockey songs. The Fratellis aren't in there, so go ahead and look.

>> No hockey? No NHL team? No true revenue stream to make it work longterm? Screw it, let's build an arena.