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Morning Buzz: Let's Point At Edmonton And Laugh

Tanner Glass, Kevin Bieksa, Anton Rodin and Mark Messier jumps into the Oilers/Arena mess. We all win.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Good morning, everyone. Mitch here again, having my articles posted on my behalf. Still working on my SBN training. Who knew having a job would make blogging hard to manage. Wish I was around back in the old days where it was parents basements, pants free kind of blogging. But I digress, here’s today’s morning buzz.

Vancouver Canucks News

>> Brad Ziemer, who might live in my apartment building, writes about how the Canucks are in no rush to head overseas during the lockout. While talking to some of the players I imagine Mason Raymond piped up and said "Hey Brad, wanna interview me?"

>> Tanner Glass is back in Vancouver….to train with ex-teammates and buy a condo. Also, interesting to note that the Canucks offered Glass the exact deal the Penguins did.

>> Ben Kuzma checks in with some news on prospect Anton Rodin.

>> According to Steve "sausage links? Give me the whole pig" Darling, Kevin Bieksa is holding a charity game against the UBC Thunderbirds on October 17th. Tickets are available through ticketmaster and go on sale this Saturday at 10 am.

NHL News

>> Mark Messier is still a fucking asshole, but lets hear what the potatoe chip eating, money grubbing baldy has to say anyways. Oh, it’s about Edmonton and the arena…great. Thanks for the cup those three years you were here, asshole.

>> According to Pierre LeBrun, Flyers start Claude Giroux has interest from clubs in the KHL, Germany, Switzerland and everywhere else in the world.

>> Jiri Hudler has been released from his KHL contract after sustaining an abdominal injury. I don’t why I find that entertaining, maybe it’s because it’s his second go-around with the KHL? Either way.

>> Gabriel Landeskog is set to join Djugardens of the Swedish second division.

>> And according to TSN’s Aaron Ward, David Krejci will sign in HC Pardubice (Czech Extraliga) tomorrow and if his transfer card materializes, he may play Friday.

>> @GayCanuck is two for two in my morning buzz posts. This one he knocks it out of the park with another Bettman related photoshop.

That’s all from me today. Nothing starts your day off like a little bit of Messier news…and his stupid face. Eat shit, Messier.