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Best Canucks Masks Championship: Curt Ridley vs. Gary Bromley

What started with 16 brave souls back in July has been aggressively whittled down to two of the best masks in Vancouver Canucks franchise history.


Back in the happier days of July - when there was still hope we may have hockey by this very week - we helped report on Cory Schneider's new mask. In turn that started a dialogue of where did this design stack up against all the other designs throught the years. So we dusted off the history book, checked out each design and tossed this your way:


It gave us all a chance to view designs perhaps we'd never seen or forgotten entirely. It also gave a chance to bring up some notables from the past, like the short lived Bob Essensa bandwagon, that time Garth Snow made ladies kiss and that Alfie Michaud did, indeed, exist. Above all else, we learned everyone is an art critic: one man's Mona Lisa is why Roberto Luongo was robbed from championship gold (again!).

Thanks to your votes, here's where we stand now:


The best design has come down to two of the three netminders from the 1980-81 campaign, a year in which Vancouver finished third overall in the Smythe division before Buffalo tossed them out in the playoffs.

Now let's get down ringside for the start of the match.


Ladies and gentlemen, the fight this evening is for the best mask in Vancouver Canucks franchise history!

(hooting and hollering, there's already an beer-induced fight with Leafs fans in section 304)

In the black corner, representing the hallowed Linden Division, clocking in at 160 lbs from Deadmonton, Alberta fittingly enough, your conference champion, old skin and bones himself, Gary "You'll never sleep alone" Bromley!

(thunderous applause, a bra is tossed into the ring)

And his opponent in the red corner, representing the venerable Smyl Conference, from Minnedosa, Manitoba and weighing in at 190 lbs, an inspiration for all the ages, Curt "Stick-In-Rink Bitches" Ridley!

(deafening ovation, the Green Men openly weep)

Gentlemen, join me in the center of the ring.

(fierce stare down ensues, someone throws a salmon at Mark Donnelly. NOM NOM NOM)

I gave you both instructions in the dressing room. Make this a clean fight, don't hit below the belt and remember to protect yourself at all times. Touch 'em up and good luck buena suerte.

(combatants return to their corners, "LUUU" chants descend from the rafters for no particular reason)

Ladies and gentlemen, only one combatant can claim the crown. Only one can stand atop the pile of discarded goalie humanity around him and proudly decree they alone have the best Canucks mask. Only one tonight can cement their legacy (ed note: and claim a prize which we haven't created yet but it will almost certainly involve photoshop and probably liquor).

(rambunctious cheering, Jack Millos dances to the tune of Cotton Eye Joe)

Who will be your champion? Who will be #1 in your heart and souls? WHO WILL DISTRACT YOU FROM THE FACT REGULAR SEASON GAMES ARE ABOUT TO BE CANCELLED??

(record scratch and a chilling hush envelopes the arena. After a few seconds a child's cry breaks the painful silence)

Fuck..sorry. Let's get it on! Ring da bell.