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New Canucks Pump-Up Video

Rich Lam

I know, it's cruel to show a Canucks season pump video when there's a damned lockout and the NHL is just about to cancel games through November. But MrNHLFanatic just posted his latest creation on YouTube and in a FanPost here on Nucks Misconduct and once again I am blown away. So I am putting it top of the page and sharing with you guys.

Almost makes you miss hockey even more hey? Yea. Me too. I was going to try getting into a different sport to pass the time but just couldn't do it. Now I downgraded my Shaw satellite tv package to the bare basics. I see a Canucks logo and I get this very quick "fuckyouNHLyougreedymotherfuckersIhateyouohgodImissyou" feeling in the depths of my soul.

Anyway, great job once again MrNHLFanatic. I am a huge fan! Check out his YouTube channel and weep.