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Morning Buzz: Cory Schneider Considers Europe, Dale Weise and the Six Point Game

Two cups of coffee before 9 am kind of day today. But oh well, we're talking Canucks (sort of, it's Dale Weise again) and the New York Islanders are a different part of New York.

Rich Lam

Good morning, everyone. I hope you're all well and not balls deep into a burning hot pot of coffee. Today we've got some Canucks news and some NHL news. Go figure. Anyways, lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Jason "Leader of the Zombie Apocalypse" Botchford shaps straight from the file "discouraging signs of a lockout". Cory Schneider is considering Europe.

>> Harrison Mooney Scarrison Booney from Pass it to Bulis is spitballin' on a few things, one of which is Dale Weise's six point game. That's not one of my many spelling errors this morning either. He actually had a six point game. Not in NHL 13 or even over at Burnaby 8 Rinks in a Mens League game.

>> Ben "Cease and desist" Kuzma talks about Canucks prospect Brendan Gaunce's shoulder injury.

>> Wyatt Arndt has some fake Canucks news. Sami "I've injured everything" Salo is coming back to the fake Canucks. Also some fake highlights from a fake game.

That's it for the Canucks today. If Dale Weise saves a puppy, builds an orphanage or does anything else he would normally never do, I'll let you know.

The Other Guys:

>> The New York Islanders are Brooklyn. One of the NHL's most storied teams' is set to begin playing in Brooklyn at the start of 2015 when they're current lease with Nassau Coliseum expires. No word yet on how little of the team Jay-Z has purchased.

>> The NHLPA requested a meeting with the NHL today. Fans hopes were up and then quickly down as the league declined to meet today. Nice to see that everyone is 100% committed to ending this lockout.

>> Winnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane can't buy a point in the KHL, but at least he'll have time to think about that because he's been suspended for one game for a head shot during a game against Avangard Omsk.

>> Boston Bruins newly minted starting goalie Tuukka Rask has reportedly suffered a groin injury. Good news if this lockout ends, Rask is another NHL player injured while playing overseas. Maybe reconsider heading overseas, Mr. Schneider?

That's all for me today! Thanks for reading and have a good one. Oh, shit...I found Halloween candy at work. Pray for me.

- Mitch