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Morning Buzz: Jason Garrison Replacing Sami Salo in More Than One Way

I trust you're all looking quite dapper in your Tuesday best. Jason Garrison has a bad groin, but it's ok, he's had it his whole career apparently.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Good morning, Internet. Today we have actual Canucks news! Well...sort of. The NHL has said GM's and other staff can speak with players, which is bad news if your Keith Ballard. Anyways, lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Ben "The Kuzi Uzi" Kuzma (Sorry, Ben, if you read this I promise I will never find horrible ways to rhyme your name again) talks with Jason Garrison about a lingering groin issue. Looks like they didn't have to wait long to replace Sami "call me Powder" Salo. But seriously, we miss Sami.

>> I like reading nice stuff about Zack Kassian. Especially when it's about how his summer training is paying dividends.

>> Cam Charron from Canucks Army is selling one (1) gently-used Keith Ballard. A good read and not overly heavy on the advanced stats and stuff.

>> Harrison Mooney from Pass it to Bulis presents: The Adventures of Dale Weise in the Netherlands.

That's it for Canucks news. Don't be mad, I said "well sort of" when talking about it. At least we know Dale Weise is safe and sound in the Netherlands. He's probably still looking for Captain Hook, though.

The Other Guys:

>> If the owners can forget about contracts then apparently the players can to, because now Ilya Kovalchuk is also threatening to stay in the KHL.

>> Steve Fehr isn't too happy that the NHL granted owners and managerial staff a 48 hour window to speak with players. Turns out the PA is also unimpressed.

>> Clarke MacArthur has signed in the German second division. Unbeknownst to MacArthur is that it's actually a World War II reenactment group, not a hockey league. Poor fucker.

>> Evegeni Malkin proved that you don't have to be good looking to be good at hockey. Canucks Army has some KHL highlights.

That's all from me today, everyone. Hope you have a good day and lay off the coffee. Oh, also, if Ben Kuzma is reading this, can I have that walkman I lent you in 1992 back? Thanks!

- Mitch