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Morning Buzz: NHL Still Locked Out. News Shocking to None.

When oh, when will this fucking lockout end? Would love to be talking about how the Canucks beat the holy hell out of the Columbus Bluejackets this morning. But, here we are.

Rich Lam

Good morning, everyone. Well, the NHL is still locking out it's players. Of course that's not news but rather a really shitty fact. Anyways, the baby Canucks were in Abbotsford over the weekend to play the Heat. Lets get at it.

Canucks News:

>> Wyatt Arndt has been busy trying to acquire milk flavored Pepsi. It sounds disgusting, but at least he has some fake season games for us to recap.

>> What is a fun but cruel way to spend the weekend? Head out to Abbotsford and watch the Heat and Wolves play, according to Jason Botchford.

>> Remember Steve McCarthy? Yeah, so do I. The most eventful thing about his 51 games in Vancouver was when he had a tooth pulled on TV. However, Ben "the Rattlesnake" Kuzma talks about McCarthy and how he's taken the blame for his troubled time with the Canucks.

>> Patrick Johnston from Canucks Army has a great article on how the Canucks were built. I recommend you go read it.

>> Daniel Wagner from Pass it to Bulis has recaps of Wolves vs. The Heat from this weekend.

That's really all I can come up with for Canucks news. Better than a kick in the face, right?

The Other Guys:

>> Sergei Kostitsyn is a whiny little bitch, but that doesn't actually surprise me.

>> Canucks Army has some KHL highlights.

>> Claude Giroux scored a couple in Germany and sings Gangnam Style. This lockout needs to end. Really soon.

>> David Krejci has feelings and they appear to be hurt. He thinks that Gary Bettman treats the players like animals.

>> Mikko "I'm not Saku" Koivu has signed with Finnish club TPS.

>> Bill Daly says that though the league and PA are talking, they're not negotiating. I'd guess they're sending flaming bags of shit back and forth to their respective headquarters.

>> The Mayor of Glendale, Arizona makes a case to let the Coyotes go. Thank god.

>> Last, but not least, Elliot Friedman has his '30 Thoughts' piece. And apparently he likes to swear.

That's it from me today, everyone. Hope you have a good Monday.

Thanks for reading!

- Mitch