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What Hockey Memorabilia / Items Do You Own?

Yea yea, even though there is a lockout right now and you may hate either party or just hate it all in general but I had a crazy idea to ask you the reader what kind of hockey fan stuff that you own. I know you love hockey, so don't be shy. I have been following the NHL since 1978 (thanks dad), so my taste varies greatly. Let me give you examples of some items that I still have in my possession.

- A signed Tony Esposito HHOF 1988 framed picture on my living room wall. I always was fond of Tony. I loved his mask and vaguely remember his play (except for the Summit Series in 1972, where he was stellar.) This framed picture was a gift. I used to own every Tony Esposito Opee Chee hockey card. A childhood fascination.

-I am actually wearing a Blackhawks Johnathan Toews T-shirt right now. Blasphemous, no? BAH! He's a dutch boy like me. We stick together. I also have Winnipeg Jets, San Jose Sharks, Minnesota NorthStars and Canucks tees. I love retro. I don't hate Toews but I dislike the current Blackhawks team. That was not the case in my younger years.

-Canucks Tees: A Daniel Sedin T with the Johnny Canuck logo, a Mats Sundin T with the Orca Logo, a Roberto Luongo T with the Johnny Canuck logo

-A Roberto Luongo stick in rink authentic Canucks jersey. Ah Lou. One day I will miss you. I HAD a Willie Mitchell Canucks orca jersey but I burned it in a hell of a rage after the Canucks lost Game 5 to the Kings last season. That was a massive drunken mistake.

-A Sandis Ozolinsh Colorado Avalanche jersey from 1996. How wack is that? But I loved Ozo's performance in the 1996 playoffs, where the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup.

- A Valeri Kharlamov CCCP jersey from the 1972 Summit Series. A gift from my wife's parents. I wanted a Vladislav Tretiak jersey but they could not find one. Kharlamov was an excellent second choice by them.

- My wife bought me a 1972 Summit Series framed (2) images of Paul Henderson celebrating and an image of Tretiak. That hangs in my work office, and came from Russia.

-A Mats Sundin Maple Leafs jersey from (late 2000's?) Sundin! Woo!

- I own every single Mats Sundin rookie card thanks to some dude named Temujin.

- Hockey cards...UGHHHH. I used to have a ton of Opee Chee cards. I don't know where they went. Had the Wayne Gretzky rookie card, had all of Borje Salming and Tony Esposito's cards, had Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito cards dating back to 1968. ALL GONE. I don't know where they went.

- WAYNE GRETZKY. My god, my hero growing up. I had so many of his hockey cards, a lunch kit with him on it for school growing up. Damn those Oilers were good. I still have a signed Gretzky pic (when he permed his damned hair) from the mid - 80's. I still have a Wayne Gretzky youth book about the basics of hockey plus his career story.

-I have a "Total Hockey" stat book (huge) of statistics of every NHL player dating to 1998. That was a given to me by a Canucks season ticket holder, who also gave me glossy pictures if the West Coast Express Line and other group Canucks pics from the early 2000's.

-A game puck from a Canucks game from way back. It has the skate logo on it. Nice! I do not remember who gave that to me.

- The tickets from several Canucks games that I went to live, including a Rangers - Canucks game in 1995, and Trevor Linden's final home game as a professional hockey player. Oh! And I have the ticket from the Habs-Sabres game I attended in Montreal when Trevor Linden was a Canadien. (shame). However, Linden was the player of the week at that time.

-Remember the old NHL sticker books? I used to love buying/stealing packs of stickers to complete the albums. I do still have the 1988 NHL sticker book in its completion. Grant Fuhr was on the cover.

-Did any of you ever "shoot" hockey cards growing up? You know, when some kid placed a card or three against the wall and you had to shoot or flick a card in that general direction and try to knock a card over to take it? Yea I am old. Fuck you. Get off my lawn and pull your pants up!

So let's hear what kind of collection YOU have. I just bared my soul (notice the Leaf slant).I would have taken some pics of these items but it is so late. If you want images let me know.

Get past your anger of the current lockout and share your collections/stories!