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Morning Buzz: Mason Raymond Is Chicken Soup For The Soul

Everything still sucks, but at least we have Anson Carter, Mason Raymond, Eddie Lack and new wallpaper to keep us occupied!

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[We're posting on Mitch's behalf this morning while the SBN uberlords pelt him with candy corn and hardback copies of 50 Shades of Grey. Some of the news is from yesterday too, so blame...Bill Daly. Yeah...always blame Bill Daly. BBD forever]

Good Morning everyone, I'd like to welcome you to my first ever Morning Buzz post on For those of you who don't know me and lets face it, that's 95% of you, my name is Mitch, and from time to time I like to talk about hockey. I also enjoy a good book, a riveting game of solitaire and the occasional story about a bridge. I have a black belt in keeping it real and was crowned the king of the knock-knock joke from 1988-1990.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a good weekend and that no one is too depressed right now knowing the Canucks would be getting ready to start their season in ten days.

Vancouver Canucks News

>> Elliot Pap is reporting that Kesler is still a ways behind in his rehab. Kesler said he’s (essentially Dale Weise) and can’t shoot or stick handle yet.

>> Cam Charron over at Canucks Army reflects on Anson Carter (who, by the way wore the most terrible one piece Mission hockey) and the Sedin twins.

>> Eddie Lack is blogging on right now, at least during the Chicago Wolves training camp. He talks about his Tiger hunt that didn't result in him being mauled.

>> Riley Kufta explains why the Canucks would benefit from the season starting later.

>> Mason Raymond does the same thing as Kevin Bieksa and Dan Hamhuis; joins a youth team practice, is mistaken for a youth because he fell as he comes out of the gate, sent to the dressing room for a time out and then bag skated for 45 minutes. Not really, but I laughed a lot at the prospect of it.

>> And last but certainly not least, Wyatt Arndt from the Province's Legion of Blog is continuing with his fake Canucks season. If you haven't checked it out you're worse than a person who stomps on kittens, because until we have hockey this is as good as it gets. And it is good. Game five of the pre-season just finished up. He also needs your help to decide who makes the fake opening night roster. Please, as many write ins as you can for Fedor Fedorov.

NHL News

>> What would a day be without unproductive talks from the NHL and the PA? "No progress was made" actual quote that acts like a punch in the gut. Damn.

>> Ben Kuzma from the Province posted an article yesterday describing the talks between the PA and the NHL are like watching paint dry. I agree - I've watched paint dry and I've fed the paint chips to friends.

>> Howard Berger reports that the NHL will soon begin to cancel "two week blocks" of games soon. What does worse than watching paint dry? Well, other than eating old paint chips, nothing, but a close second is regular season games being cancelled.

>> @GayCanuck from has come up with probably one of the best October wallpapers for your computer. He also talks about the lock out. Spoiler - there's bird poop, and that's not even the best part!

>> Michael Traikos from the National Post has told it like is after Krys Barch got hammered and told it like it is over the weekend.

>> Fehr and Bettman continue to meet privately, I can only assume it's to play video games or practice their bow staff skills because we're into week two of the lockout already.

>> Wayne Gretzky, you know, Paullina’s dad, says he's optimistic that the NHL and PA will have a deal in place by January 1st. That's fantastic news, in that case there's only three more months until hockey starts! Gee, thanks Wayne! Maybe you give Gary a call like you did Justin Schultz earlier this summer, eh?