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Morning Buzz: Luongo to Toronto? Bieksa's Buddies and CBA News

Lots of speculation that Roberto Luongo is off to Toronto, some Bieksa's Buddies and the NHL and the PA met and it was a fucking disaster!

Rich Lam

Good morning everyone - So how did that meeting go yesterday? Are we gearing up for hockey? No? Ah shit...well, anyways, there's some other stuff to talk about, so lets get at it.

Canucks News:

>> Shap in the morning is the best part of the day, like a hot cup of coffee that doesn't burn your balls. Jason Botchford discusses the potential for a Roberto Luongo trade to the centre of the Universe.

>> Ben Kuzma enjoys Eddie Lack's brand of humor and possibly his Swedish meatballs, but he also thinks that Lack is making some serious progress on his way to becoming an NHL goalie.

>> Wyatt Arndt has an exclusive behind the scenes scoop from the Bieksa Buddies charity game.

>> Ben "Don't call me Kuz" Kuzma shaps on the Wolves and Heat, particularly Sven Baertschi.

>> Damien "Blocking bloggers since 2011" Cox has an article eerily similar to Botch's on the potential of a Luongo trade.

>> Harrison Mooney over at Pass it to Bulis has highlights from the Bieksa's Buddies game. Neat!

That's all I've got for you today for Canucks news. I'll try to update you via Twitter if I hear about any of the players using the can or buying a new car or something. Follow me on Twitter for that. @Mitch_SBMedia

The Other Guys:

>> The NHL and the PA met for what could have been a great day. Too bad nothing got done and things still suck shit, because we STILL don't have hockey!

>> Bruce Arthur, who is fantastic at what he does, talks about how the NHL and the PA are still nowhere near bridging the gap.

Honestly, I could list link after link about the NHL and the PA not getting a deal done yesterday. But instead of shitting all over your day, I'll leave you with those two links.

>> Andrei Markov got himself into some shit by talking, which is weird because he's always hurt, you think he would want to minimize the risk of injury and sit perfectly still when he isn't playing hockey.

>> The oldest goalie still looking for a job is going back to help out with being a goalie.

That's all for me today, everyone. I have to do some work at my real job. Sucks, huh? Anyways, hope everyone has a good weekend. Follow me on Twitter, I promise I will keep the foul language to dull roar. @Mitch_SBMedia

Thanks for reading!

- Mitch