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Morning Buzz: Bieksa's Buddies Roundup, NHL & PA Meet Today.

Is today D-Day for the NHL and the PA? Maybe not, but lets hope that Bettmen and Fehr walk out of the negotiations holding hands and raise their arms in unity to mark the end of the NHL lockout.


Good morning everyone - Today could potentially be a big day for the NHL and the PA. Here's hoping we have some positive news at the end of the meetings and we're able to wear our Canucks jerseys properly now. This inside out shit is really itchy. Anyways, lets get at it.

Canucks News:

>> Kevin Bieksa's charity hockey game took place last night against UBC. Ben "My friends call me Ben, but you may call me Mr. Kuzma" Kuzma talks about the game and the generous donation that crooner Michael Buble made towards various Canucks charities.

>> The Province also has a gallery set up of pictures from last nights game as well.

>> Harrison Mooney from Pass it to Bulis has last night's line up and notes from Bieksa's Buddies. It's hilarious.

>> Thomas Drance from Canucks Army has a great recap of last nights Chicago Wolves game. Zack "Have you seen my tooth? My mom will kill me if I don't find that thing!" Kassian scored his first of the season.

>> Dale Weise is set to play his first game with the Tilburg Trappers tomorrow. I'd look for a link but nobody gives a shit about that. I'm also certain that no one will tell him when the lockout ends either.

The Other Guys:

>> Big day in terms of CBA negotiations. Today the NHL and the PA, who will have a ridiculous amount of people there are scheduled to meet in Toronto around 11 am PST.

>> The city of Edmonton basically told Daryl Katz to go fuck himself yesterday when they decided to walk away from negotiations for a new Edmonton arena.

>> Cam Cole from the National Post talks about how there's nothing unfair about league's decision to make CBA offer public.

>> More KHL news from Canucks Army. Zdeno Chara is playing for a shitty team, Mikael Grabovski scores a nice one and Evgeni Malkin is busy being the ugliest player in the NHL, but one of the best in the KHL.

>> Crosby, Iginla and Staal highlight NHLPA presence at CBA meeting today. Hopefully in sweats and regular deep V t-shirts so this way the NHL knows they mean business.

>> Apparently Patrick Kane was close to signing overseas, but he wants to wait to see what happens today. Of course, he was hammered drunk when he said that.

Folks, that's it for me today, or at least until we have some good, or bad, but hopefully good CBA news. Thanks for reading!

- Mitch