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Morning Buzz: NHL: Good, Players: Bad?

The NHL tabled a new offer that had fans and media types happy that we could possibly see hockey soon. It also swung the PR war into the favor of the owners, however brief it was. Now it's the players turn to respond.

Rich Lam - Getty Images

Morning everyone, while their isn't much in the way of Canucks news today, we can at least sit back and talk about the on going, or the now jump started CBA negotiations between the PA and the NHL. Also, I've put in my first poll! Make sure you vote! Lets get at it.

Canucks News:

>> Game three of Wyatt Arndt's fake season took place against the Hurricanes. There's a full recap over at the Province. Also, you get to weigh in on the three trade offers that have been presented to the fake Canucks!

>> Elliot Pap from the Vancouver Sun talks to Cory Schneider about the leagues current CBA proposal. It's not all bad, but it's not all that good either. Word of the day is encouraging.

>> Bieksa's Buddies, the charity hockey game against the UBC Thunderbirds takes place tonight at 7. It would appear that everyone but me is going, but I'm sure you won't have to look to far down your Twiter timeline to get a live account of the game.

>> Daniel Wagner from Pass it to Bulis talks about how the Canucks may need both Luongo and Schneider for a compressed NHL season.

>> Patrick Johnston from Canucks Army has Kevin Bieksa and Cory Schneider's initial reaction to the new CBA offer as well.

The Other Guys:

Where to start? I could probably link a billion different stories on the recent happenings between the NHL and the PA, but when in doubt you go with what you know.

>> Here's a breakdown of the NHL's proposal to the PA. It's one of the more cut and dry forms of the story.

>> You can also take in Bob McKenzie's article about how it the NHL's proposal wasn't met with great enthusiasm. That's ok, Bob, I know it's not your fault, but I can't help but feel like my corn flakes have been shit in, just a little.

>> Pierre "Not McGuire" LeBrun has a great piece on how the NHL season hangs on the PA's response.

>> If you've gotten tired of the back and forth of the recent CBA happenings, you can head over to Canucks Army and watch the KHL's Top 10 Goals and Saves of the Week. You can also find a link to highlights from Monday's KHL action. Keep checking back because I'm sure they'll have more there as well.

That's it from me. Enjoy your day and don't get to wrapped up in the NHL/PA shit that's going on. Hopefully they're done whipping out their pieces and arguing over whose is bigger.

Thanks for reading!

- Mitch