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Morning Buzz: James Reimer a Bieksa Buddy? Maybe, But That's All. Also, NHL tables offer.

This wind needs to go away. It's blowing all sorts of crap around the streets, even blew a Maple Leaf clean into Vancouver to skate with other locked out Canucks. Also the NHL has tabled an offer to the PA this morning, probably a better one than anyone thought.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Good morning everyone, I hope this morning is treating you well and that your first cup of coffee didn't scold you in an area of great sensitivity. Let's get at it.

Canucks News:

>> The goalie who can't stop smiling, James Reimer is in town skating with locked out Canucks. Why is this even in the news? Well, because of this lock out any time an NHL player goes to visit in-laws, or takes a whiz he automatically becomes subject of trade speculation.At this point, I'll take it. Not Reimer, but speculation.

>> Keep an eye on Pass it to Bulis' Hungry like the Wolves feature. During the lockout they'll keep an eye on Canucks prospects currently playing for the Wolves.

>> Because I'm an idiot and not only missed this yesterday, but on Sunday as well. Jason Botchford explains why the Canucks are paying Alex Edler's salary.

The Other Guys:

>> While I had to do some actual work it would appear that the NHL has sent the PA an offer that may be too good to refuse. Thank god, because I needed some real hockey news.

>> The fine folks over at Deadspin posted this little beauty. Apparently the NHL has hired a top GOP strategist to help craft some wonderful lockout propaganda in the form of a focus group.

>> Max Pacioretty has decided to abruptly leave the Swiss league. Unconfirmed are the reports are speculating its because the "cheese isn't as fucking Swiss as the stuff we get in the States".

>> File this one under the "Who Gives a Shit" file - Kyle Chipchura has signed with the Central League's Arizona Sundogs.

I don't know about you guys, but for once I've gotten my hopes up. Cross fingers, toes, whatever else you can cross and lets hope this all gets done with soon and we're watching some hockey in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading.