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Morning Buzz: Edler Hurt and More Fake Season News

Let me apologize for how late this is going up, folks. If you're an unwilling patron of the loser cruiser, or "the bus" as most people would call it, you'll sympathize with me in why I'm running a little behind this morning. Let's get at it. Edler is hurt and Wyatt Arndt recaps game one of the Canucks fake season!

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Good morning, everyone. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did. I flew for the first time and did not encounter my first grizzly bear. All in all, not too bad. Let's get at it.

Canucks News:

>> Jason Botchford, the man with a black belt in shap talks about Alex Edler and his nagging back problems. I wonder how he hurt it, he's not carrying the D like he should. Hmmm, strange.

>> Wyatt "fine, just call me Sue" Arndt has a recap of game one of the fake season. And, to correct my last Morning Buzz, it wasn't the dreaded and never feared Edmonton Oilers, but the less dreaded and even less feared Calgary Flames.

>> Also in the world of the Legion of Blog - Wyatt was able to get an interview with Roberto Luongo. I'm sure you haven't been living under a rock for the past day, but in case you have or you just want to watch it again, you can.

>> Thomas Drance from Canucks Army recaps the Wolves home opener while focusing on Canucks prospects. Patrick Johnston also with Canucks Army talks about Zack Kassian and a few other of the Canucks up and comers.

>> Brad Zeimer reveals the extent of Jason Garrisons injury. Good thing for this lockout (never hear me say that again) because if the season were being played right you could expect two of the Canucks top four defensemen out. Gnarly.

The Other Guys:

>> Jason Brough wonders if a "radically different proposal" is on the way from the players. Good thing, too, this whole lock out thing...yeah, not for me.

>> Obviously that lost post would lead you to believe that the NHL and PA are headed back to the mythical bargaining table on Tuesday.

>> Sam "it's not pronounced 'Gag-ner' you fool" Gagner is on his way to the Erste Bank Eishockey Ligain in Austria.

>> Sidney Crosby's super agent, Pat Brisson says he's exploring the idea of a "World Tour of NHL Stars"

>> Alexei Emelin made his KHL For AK Bars Kazan over the weekend.

Well, that about sums it up folks. Hopefully you don't ride the bus, and if you do...well, you feel my pain. Take care everyone! Thanks for reading.