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Edler Has A Back Injury, Plus A Collection Of Edler's Biggest Hits

Rich Lam - Getty Images

Alexander Edler was quiet to reporters a few days ago about his health, as he will not be participating in Kevin Bieksa's charity game because Bieksa said he and Jason Garrison were "unhealthy". But today Mike Gillis let the cat out of the bag, saying Edler has a slight bulging disc in his back, an injury that occurred while he was practicing. Gillis said that Garrison is suffering from a nagging groin injury. So that leaves Edler, Garrison and Kesler still on the Canucks' payroll even during the lockout.

I would say that this is just another small dose of luck for the Canucks that there is a lockout. But that is a small consolation because it would be great to watch other players take the place of those three injured players.

Hearing about the bulging disc in Edler's back makes me cringe though, as he already had major surgery for that in 2011. Edler, even though he struggled last season, is a physical beast. So in honor of his hurting back and his tenacity I would like to present to you the best of Edler's hits in no particular order.

Victim #1: Ryan Smyth

Victim #2: Patrik Hornqvist

Victim #3: Drew Doughty (woo!)

Victim #4: Matt Duchene

Victim #5: Taylor "Have a Seat" Hall:

Victim #6: Joe "Mr. Playoffs" Thornton

Victim #7: Kyle Clifford

Victim #8: Joe Pavelski

Victim #9: Jordan "Googly" Eberle

Victim #10, and the best person to destroy: Patty Kane

Yeah the hit on Kane has to be my fave Edler hit.

He hits hard. He goes big. Hopefully his back won't be a constant issue much like another Canuck of yore:

Atta boy Matty!

Edler and Ohlund. Lots of resemblances there.