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Morning Buzz: How about that fake season?

The Stanchion wraps up the fake pre-season, Jason Botchford talks about Schneider's time to shine and the NHL and NHLPA meet again today for more unproductive meetings.

Rich Lam - Getty Images

Good morning everyone! It’s Wednesday today and by now you should have all passed that turkey dinner, or dinners you’ve had over the weekend. If not, you’re probably sweating it out and if you haven’t done either, well you should probably consult a physician, cause that isn’t right.

Canucks News:

>> Jason Botchford at the Province has a great piece this morning on Cory Schneider and how this should have been his time to shine. Great read from one of the masters of shap.

>> Wyatt "don’t call me Sue" Arndt wraps up the Canucks fake pre-season with a game against those assholes in Edmonton. Also, vote on who you want the fake centre of the fake second line to be in this wonderful fake season opener. Just remember, it’s fake.

>> Ben Kuzma, also of the Province says that Kevin "I don’t know who kicked your dog, lady, but it wasn’t me" Bieksa is considering putting on a second "Bieksa’s Buddies" charity hockey game.

>> Elliot Pap finds out why Jason Garrison and Alex Edler haven’t been skating with the Canucks. Much to my surprise it has nothing to do with Garrison’s work as a pro DJ at local weddings or Edler’s love for kicking field goals at Lions games.

>>Brad "probably not my next door neighbor" Ziemer says the Canucks aren’t surprised games are cancelled, just disappointed.

NHL News:

>> The NHL and the NHLPA are set to meet again today. Not to be discussed, and really, why would it be, is core economic issues. They’re talking about other things like health and safety, medical care, drug testing, rent and mortgage reimbursements (and) grievances. Sounds awesome. By the way, the Canucks would have been opening the season tomorrow. Just throwing that out there.

>> This caught my attention yesterday. Rob Simpson (@simmerpuck) said yesterday that "according to source close to ownership, even with a little grandstanding for show, thrown in for another 2 weeks or so, Game On by mid-Nov." Very encouraging. I hope his guys are right and we get this shit going really soon. Like a month ago. If only they could turn back time. Well, if they can, they should let Cher know, she has a few things to take care of.

>> Some unfortunate news as it’s being reported that Brett MacLean has played his last pro hockey game. MacLean suffered an apparent cardiac arrest as he played in a pick-up game over the summer.