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Bieksa On Global News, Schneider On The Lockout, And Stanchion's Luongo Interview

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Harry How - Getty Images

Kevin Bieksa made an appearance on Global News on Tuesday to talk lockout (yawn), Bieksa's Buddies Charity Hockey Game and to try his hand at being a weatherman. Check it out:

-The Province's Jason Botchford has a great piece up about Cory Schneider, including an interview with C-Wall about the lockout (yawn), but also interestingly about why he won't play in Europe because of the bigger ice and bad habits creeping in.

-What is The Legion Of Blog's The Stanchion (Wyatt Arndt) up to now? Oh, something really damned good! How about a Luongo interview:

Wait, is that really happening?

-There was more than one reason why Shane Doan took so long to make a decision about where he would sign. And yes, there's also a reason why Vancouver was his second pick. That is a must read.

-Finally, a Thanksgiving tweet from former Canuck and Bure bodyguard Gino Odjick:

If My FirstNations Ancestors Shot A Cat Instead Of A WildTurkey Many Moons Ago!!We Would All B Eating Pussy Today!! HappyThanksGiving#Ahooo

If you are not following Gino on Twitter maybe you should.


Esquire Magazine has named Mila Kunis the sexiest woman alive. This is a serious upgrade over who they picked last year. (Rihanna....are you f***ing serious?)