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Morning Buzz: Everything Still Sucks

The NHL and NHLPA reps talked about everything BUT the core economic issues this weekend. This is the part where you sigh deeply and don't look at the calendar.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

Canucks News

>> K Nauts has a gallery up from the Wolves camp over the weekend. Go now. []

>> Kassian, Tanev and Schroeder will have the eye of GMMG this week in Chicago. [Das Province]

>> Your current AIK scoring leader: Nicklas Jensen. [hockeyligan]

>> Stanchion has your latest fake game recap against the oilers. [LOB]

>> Canucks' prospect Ben Hutton (2012 5th round pick) is part of the elite class of freshman at the University of Maine. []

>> The lost shifts of Alexander Mogilny. [YouTube]

Everyone Else

>> This weekend accomplished nothing. Expect regular season games to be cut soon. [TSN]

>> Above all else, never forget how boring lockouts are. [MHH]

>> Latest NHL migration signings as of this morning: Thomas Vanek to Graz 99ers and Matt Read to Södertälje. [eliteprospects]

>> In case you missed it, Kyrs Barch got a bit drunk and went to the twitter bot this weekend. [DBD]

>> Rick Nash: injured. [NBC]

>> Anyone interested in buying the Islanders? [NY Post]

For Fun

>> We have no sport, but others do. Enjoy the sports week that was in handy, dandy gif format. [SBNation]