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Time To Wake Up Already - Canucks @ Bruins Gamethread

10:00 am PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: Stanley Cup of Chowder (behave yourselves!)
Enemy pro: Their powerplay is worse than ours.

Good morning, folks. Hope you like the eye candy as a lovely thing to wake up to. I've been waiting all fall to do that to you guys for this gamethread.
Anyways, the Canucks are in Boston today in our one matchup of the year against the Bruins. Last time we saw these guys, Zdeno Chara lifted the Cup and Vancouver rioted. Well, they had a similar start to the season as us: appearing to have a Cup Finals hangover at the start, and heating it up. They are top of their division, with a 6-point lead on the Senators, and fighting for 1st in their conference with the Rangers. Much like us, really. Time for another great matchup.

Coconuts go.