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Just Behind Us - Canucks vs Wild Gamethread


7:00 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: Hockey Wilderness
Enemy pro: Cal Clutterbuck is always good for laughs.
Enemy con: Niklas Backstrom is really good this year.

So, it looks like we're starting to crack a little bit. We ended our California trip with a regulation loss to the Kings, then came home and lost a shootout to the Sharks. Now the Canucks must face the Wild, who are only 3 points behind us for the NW lead we recently stole from them. After tonight's game, we head back on the road towards Boston. So, what will it be: whip the Wild and get a good prep game before the Bruins, or play like crap like the Canucks always seem to do before really big games?

Coconuts go.