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Your Best Player Thinks He's A Pirate - Canucks vs Blackhawks Gamethread

7:00 pm PST, TSN
Enemy territory:Second City Hockey (behave yourselves)
Enemy pro: Let' s throw a stomper their way and have Cory Schneider play.
Enemy con: Unfortunately, Jonathan Toews returns from an injury tonight.

Well, thank goodness the All-Star break is over, let's get back to the real hockey! After a much-needed week off for our boys, they return tonight to host their intense rival. The Blackhawks are having a solid year, currently 6th in the West, and somehow benefitting (like everyone else in their division) on Columbus's terrible year. Chicago is only 3 points shy of Detroit's Central lead, which is also being contended for by St. Louis and Nashville. Also, they just traded some no-name prospect to Calgary for ..... wait, this can't be real.... Brendan Morrison??? What the hell????

Whatever. Coconuts go.