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Nucks Misconduct Toronto Meet-up: February 18

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At the start of this month I announced that I would once again organize a meet-up for Nucks Misconduct members in Toronto. Hell, it's now a tradition, so I'm going to go ahead and call it the Second Annual Nucks Miscnonduct Toronto Meet-up.

So which game did people want to meet for? Not surprisingly the winner, in a landslide, was the Feb. 18th game against the Toronto Maple Leafs:


Thanks to everyone who voted. And sorry to SpriteofIce, who cannot make the 18th and who I am fairly certain is the lone vote for Feb. 11th.

Next Steps: If you would like to join us on the 18th, PLEASE EMAIL ME TO RSVP BY FEB. 11TH. My email address is Please let me know if you will be attending with anyone else. Once I have an idea of total numbers, I will make a reservation at a TTC-accessible downtown bar. If you have suggestions for good bars (keeping in mind that we may have a big group) please include them in your email to me.

Really looking forward to this, it will be great to meet some fellow transplanted Canucks fans and watch our team whoop the Maple Leafs!