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Nucks Misconduct Toronto Meet-up: Let's Pick a Date

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Calling all Southern Ontario Canucks fans! I thought I would organize another meet-up for fans in or near Toronto, to get together for some beers and some laughs and, hopefully, for a Canucks victory. We did this last year, and had a really fun night - and a number of NMers continued to get together throughout the playoffs.

If you are interested in joining us, please respond to the poll below to indicate which game you would like to meet for. Once we pick a date, I will post again asking people to email me so we can arrange a venue and reservations. Please only vote if you are seriously considering attending, so as not to skew the vote away from a date that is better for more people. The poll closes at the end of January, and we will go with the date that gets the most support.

And yes, that game vs. Toronto is extremely tempting.