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WJC Semi Finals Open Thread

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It's the beauty of this tournament, really. When suffering a heartbreaking loss, one needs only wait until the next year for a chance at redemption. If you thought playing the USA in a game that meant little was disappointing, there's a chance you might feel the same about having to meet the Russians in the Semis. In a perfect world, these teams would be meeting on Thursday for Gold. Blame the Swedes for this, or blame the Russians themselves. Instead of advancing automatically to the Semis like Canada did, the Russians dropped the last game of the round robin to Sweden, and then narrowly dodged a bullet when the Czech Republic took them to overtime last night in Calgary. It may not be exactly as we would have written it, but the chance at revenge for that humbling loss in Buffalo comes tonight. To the victor: a date with the winner of two bitter enemies themselves in Finland and Sweden.

Scott Wedgewood gets the start tonight, and quite honestly though both he and Marc Visentine have played well, Wedgewood was the better of the two. Both teams are playing down the revenge angle, with the Russians going as far as to say they 'are not afraid of Canada'. Canadian players are playing it close to the vest, saying there's no thoughts of revenge, just doing what they need to do to get to the Gold Medal game Thursday night.