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2012 All-Star Skills Competition Open Thread

4:00 pm PST, CBC

Unfortunately, I really left prepping this to the last minute again, so this will be a quick thread. has all the events, rules and participants listed here. I will quickly recap what all the events are:

1) Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater - 5 races around the rink, then one final match between the fastest skaters from each team. Michael Grabner was the star for this last year.

2) All State Insurance NHL Breakaway Challenge - Shooters try to make their fanciest breakaways, fans vote via text. This is Alex Ovechkin's specialty.

3) Canadian Tire NHL Accuracy Shooting - Shooters try to hit all 4 targets with as little time and as few pucks as possible. Daniel Sedin was the champion last year, and he's been listed to defend the honour.

4) G Skills NHL Skills Challenge Relay - 8 players from each team will participate in a timed event involving one-timers, passing, puck control, stick handling and accuracy shooting.

5) Blackberry NHL Hardest Shot - 4 players in each team try to shoot the puck, highest mph wins. Why the hell isn't Alexander Edler selected for this, Alfie?

6) Tim Hortons NHL Elimination Shootout - Regular shootout competition, the players try to score on all the goalies. You miss, you're out. Last player standing wins.

And there you go. Go Team Alfie.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot the Vampires Suck clip. Here you go:

Vampires Suck Party In The Fountain! (via tcfoxconnect)