Please help victims of the Burns Lake disaster


I want to bring up a very serious issue that's close to me. Living in Kamloops for the last six years, I've met a lot of awesome people from Northern BC. One of my best friends is a terrific hockey player from Burns Lake, where the local sawmill caught fire Friday night and exploded, taking the lives of two and leaving 19 injured. Worse, however, is that the mill was the largest employer in Burns Lake, keeping that town afloat. It's still unsure whether the sawmill will be rebuilt, which would turn Burns Lake into a ghost town. In short, this is devastating for a small town, and my friend texted me worrying that she may not have a hometown anymore. A tragedy fund has been set up. Donations can be made through any CIBC branch in BC, and, for those of you out-of-province, you can donate online to the victims and the town via a tragedy fund set up by the Rotary Club. There are a lot of great people as part of Canucks Nation up North, and I'd love for us to be able to rally around this and step up and raise a few bucks for a town that needs it.