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Canucks Recall Chris Tanev

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Mike Gillis announced today that the team has recalled the 22 year-old defenceman from the Chicago Wolves. Tanev has no goals and 12 assists, 25 shots and is a +5 in 25 games with the Wolves this season. NM's Wolves insider Ggooglyboogly mentioned this week:

Chris Tanev is just solid, probably should be in the NHL, i can’t say enough good things about him.

And that is what most Canucks fans think of Tanev after seeing his composure in a Canucks uni last season. Tanev only played 3 games for the Canucks at the beginning of this season before being sent down for developing. The Canucks already had a plethora of defencemen on their roster, with

Andrew Alberts and Alexander Sulzer being the 7th and 8th defencemen.

So now, with no Canucks games until Saturday, we have plenty of time to speculate. Gary Valk said after the Canucks-Kings game that Sami Salo was fine, or close to being ready, or something like that. I'm not aware of any other injuries to the Canucks' D. Does Sulzer get sent down now? Is a defenceman about to be traded? Or is this just the team trying to ice the best 6 defencemen possible, as the current group has been struggling mightily? As I said earlier: we know what Tanev brings to the table, which is a very composed and effective game for such a young guy. That is something that has been lacking from the D in recent games.

When Keith Ballard struggled in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Tanev was called in for Game 5. He was so cool that Kevin Bieksa quipped:

"He could have played with a cigarette in his mouth. Everyone saw the way he played — very cool, very consistent with the puck."

That's high praise from an NHL veteran.

-Chris Tanev career stats.

-Tanev has no goals in 37 NHL games, but he did score this one in preseason:

Tip of le chapeau to Daoust501 for the heads up on the Tanev Recall.