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Already In A Playoff Race - Canucks vs Kings Gamethread

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7:00 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy pro: They still don't score as much as we do.
Enemy con: Jonathan Quick has 6 shutouts already this year.

Well, this is a compelling opponent. The Kings are 2nd in the Pacific right now, and 7th in the conference. Although they are close to catching the Sharks, they still have to watch for the teams that are on their heels for a playoff spot as well. When I was prepping this gamethread on Saturday night, LA held the advantages for a 3-way tie for 7th spot in the West at 50 points, with more teams right behind at 49 and 47. They had a pretty good weekend though, picking up points in Alberta to get ahead a little. I guess it's safe to say the playoff race has already started for them. Will they survive, and possibly be a 1st-round opponent for the Canucks again?

Coconuts go.