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Sorry, Who Are You Again? - Canucks @ Blues Gamethread

Getty Images
5:00 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: St Louis Game Time
Enemy pro: Their offence is horrible.
Enemy con: How the hell does Brian Elliott still have a 1.62 GAA?

Remember the 2009 playoffs? You know, where we swept the Blues in the 1st round? I seem to remember there being potential for a good rivalry there. Unfortunately for St Louis, we built much bigger rivalries following that, with the likes of Chicago, San Jose, Detroit and Boston. And now we visit their arena, and they're barely on our radar anymore. It might be worth it to give them some attention right now, though, since they are doing so well lately. They are right up there in 2nd place in the West, currently just barely edging both Detroit and Chicago for their division lead. Although they don't score much, they have been getting insane goaltending. Tonight, it's a matchup of high-power offence versus crazy defence.

Coconuts go.