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AV and Gillis ; Gold Jerry, Gold!

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I know that TEAM 1040 is infatuated with a Joey from Boston, as I write this, they are letting him hang himself once again. But I was more interested in the words of our coach and general manager earlier today. As we move on ( it was a gorgeous day riding the bike on the seawall, a "ten tanker day" actually...) I got to listen to both the interviews today. We take what we can get, and they get the guests!

A breakdown of all that, and no further mentions unless our management did after the break.


Let's start with the coach. It is the first time he has been on since a certain saturday afternoon matinee that was obviously pretty enthralling. Here's the link...

The high points

- Hit on the fact that he is a positive guy, and would have enjoyed the All Star Game if he went, but that his parents are "getting older now", and that he may still be there in his hometown.

- Talked about how he is a fan of the game when he gets to watch the other teams...NHL is a great league...

- Listener question - went with Bieksa because he had been hounding him for being 4 for 5 in the lockout year. Reiterated the coin flip nature of the skills competition, and dropped the gem that Edler was the third shooter, and he might use him too at another time.

- Listener question - Talked about all the management guys that have input into trades, and dropped the gem that they are getting together next week later on.

- David Booth - "waiting for the nod", thought there was an outside chance for the Blues, we'll see tomorrow.

- On a "certain matinee" , asked about "what Burrows did" ( and Blake also a little shot of "talking a lot" ) "I think in intense games, shit happens, Alex was not happy about the slash earlier, and an "old fashioned melee" happened. talked about it in the context of "Shit Happens". Moving on...

- Sekeres, to his credit, at least said the BS he was espousing about Luongo not starting a certain matinee "Unlike you, I think Luongo is a great goaltender, it started a string of 4 in 6, It was a significant game but it was also Cory's hometown, and dropped the gem that Luongo and him talked before and that he was onboard with the start. A veiled shot at the "talk" could be had by Joey maybe, but it was a total team decision. Reminded everyone that he and Schneids are great friends. Next. Team First. ( translation, we have two great goalies and you don't ) Totally shot down Pierre McGuire's speculation on the idea of "saving Lui from Boston if we get to the Finals. AV really reminded me why I am a fan. I don't think the players forget a "player's coach" like him.

- Cody Hodgson - maybe another outright gem was how he talked of our 21 year old player. "Only going to get better". He understands where we are with Kes and Hank, "he is making the most of his minutes". He sounded very happy with Silent G, the follow up by Blake was great, learning that "we are looking at our team dynamics" as responding to the idea of him as a 3rd line center or the current second line winger. Gave even more to read between the lines with the nugget of the scouts and all management getting together. Like Kent has said, this team is "evolving". Rosterbation is sure to commence.

So, no shots, not even a denial of the question. The Burrows stuff that hit on it in a tangential way could only be read as positive. Who would not love a player like Alex MFing Burrows on their team right? Did not have to defend the "little wave", because it was, in the end, not that much.

Mike Gillis

The skinny

Our GM and President ( I think Alternate Governor is on the business card as well ) is a more cerebral guy when answering the questions of our local sports media. It gets construed as haughty, but I have always thought that unfair. he seems a pretty cerebral man. The same link above has his thrust and parry with Donny and B'Mac, here's the gist of it.

- Asked about "cottage country after playing "Bill Barilko" from the Hip. Yes, Muskoaka is cottage country...

- Thought the guys were "out of gas" in Florida, a "little better in Tampa", "we've played a lot of hockey". and referred to the emotion of the "certain matinee" as he said it is "not as bad as it seems"

- Mentioning the "anger", B'Mac asked about the matinee. GMMG - "the energy level was off the charts, clearly their fans were after a certain thing..." Talked about how they have learned to deal with certain situation and said the other team "played as well as in the Finals" and we won bitches. He was not as combative as that, but they all pay to win, so what else do we expect when we ask them about a win?

- Asked about, gooning it up basically, ( I hate the way Barry couches this. For one reason. No one knows what happens on the ice unless they are there. We all assume a ton as fans, and the media does the same, but, and I am going to assume right here, the way it happened afterwards, with the trainer coming over, and Zdeno Chara getting in front of Marchand when Henrik and Kesler went to him, I would bet big $$$ the referee right there said something to the effect of "he's fucking gone. You want to be gone too?" The guy was tossed. retribution will have to wait in that regard...)

Any how, Barry talks on of making other teams accountable. I do agree with that aspect. But the Canucks finish every check ( 24-17 in that matinee ), and while a goon is a debate for another time, and will alway have points on both sides. Here is how GMMG replied to the hyperbole for a "tooth for a tooth" - "I played the game, for Boston", and yes, there is some satisfaction in that, but we model our team after Detroit. Did drop the gem that they might be looking to change their makeup if they feel they need to, but talked of how his team "stood up to the crap". So, I am going to rosterbate right here. Corry Perry or David Backes (wishful thinking!) will be Canucks by the deadline. He did not sound too upset. He also corrected Donny about looking for more "balance" and not "toughness", and thought he had it addressed with the guys he brought in that are all hurt now.

- "Still looking at every avenue to improve this team". Excellent. I love that he moved on to talking about how guys that have different skills will get him more in the toughness regard. Talked about being confident in getting the officiating in the playoffs that we got on Saturday, talked about how the right call was made on Ratface, and flat out refused to talk about the suspension length. "He's a player on another team, they have to talk about it". Repeated the very same thing Valk said about hip checks, the disparity of size, but still thinks as long as its "hip on hip, its good".

- "Kinda shocked at some of the media response and their willingness to say some of the things they have said..." as he talked about playing in Boston and how the media has changed since then. Mentioned that he has not talked to Peter because he was not at the game, but we have talked since then. basically said "Shit Happens" again. Love it!

- The boys on the afternoon show know how their phone board lights up with talk like Joey from a certain tea hating town, but Gillis reminded everyone how we had a very hard and physical game against Detroit that was what he sees as the "future of hockey". " I don't know if it is good for hockey, the aftermath, but too highly skilled teams...blah blah blah...

- Left off with not liking "Tony's chances" when asked about that little passion play that played out.

So, he did address direct questions, but the tone and content was totally different than what we have heard elsewhere. Let us maybe do the same.

Great stuff from both of them. Honestly, it made me prouder of this team than that one. But hell, I am a Canuck fan. Barry is in my ear right now talking about "more TOUGHNESSSSSSS" He knows how that sells. I will be happy with trusting the guys that make those decisions.

Let the Rabble rabble rabble begin! Lots of Gold though to sift through for Canuck fans...and knowing that they might just be active at the deadline or earlier ( both guys alluded to that ) sure will get the rosterbation going.