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Victor Oreskovich Is Back In the Saddle

Update: Via Jim Jamieson it's a one year, two-way for 605k/105k.


Murph brings the succinct news that Oreo is back for at least this coming season. Terms haven't been disclosed yet, but we'll post that as soon as it's made public.

My favorite player to do a google image search on his last name (NSFW sometimes) played in 16 games last year, averaging 7:54 TOI, notched three assists and added eight PIMs. He played 19 post season games averaging 6:21 TOI, no points, -6 and 12 PIMs. As a fourth liner he got fed to the wolves by virtue of his underlying zone starts and Fenwick numbers, but he has experience playing in the Vigneault system, doesn't seem to abandon plays for the big hits and seems fairly responsible for his few minutes per night.

Oreskovich joins (inhale) Maxim Lapierre, Byron Bitz, Mike Duco, Mark Mancari, Steve Pinizzotto, Andrew Ebbett, Aaron Volpatti, Steve Anthony, Darren Archibald, Bill Sweatt, Steve Begin, Owen Nolan and Todd Fedoruk (exhale) as fourth liners auditioning for the roster as training camp draws closer.

In the meantime, enjoy Oreo decking Andrew Ference.