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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with more failed 6 on 3's)

I have to use this somewhere, damnit
I have to use this somewhere, damnit

Holy hell, the Sedins actually got to play today! You can tell we're excited at Nucks Misconduct because we posted two game recaps! Which means we lovingly go over how the Canucks failed to produce on a 6 on 3 in two seperate recaps! This also means you have to decide who you like better! Do you post in Vancitydan's recap or Sean's recap? Will Sean invite you to the christmas party if you post in Vancitydan's recap? Will Vancitydan sign your t-shirt if he sees you chatting with Sean? Oh the drama!

Aside from that, you will see the kick ass banner I made for my blog, sitting above this post. Why is it here and not on my blog? Because thanks to the new "dynamic" view I chose on blogspot, my blog doesn't have room for a banner anymore. And since I spent precious time making the banner, I am forcing you all to look at it and revel. REVEL DAMNIT.

I've also come to realize that all these years I've spent wasting my time writing, should have been spent photoshopping pictures of Ron MacLean, because if there is one fast track to fame, it's making Ron MacLean appear to be holding a giant spoon or light sabre.

Of course tonight's major topic relating to me was the Red Sox insanely epic collapse, as well as MANcari tipping the puck into his own net. First let me hit up the Red Sox.

The Red Sox HAD to lose like this. They ruined everything by winning. So missing the playoffs? Eh, not a big deal. So what, the Red Sox have two World Series wins in the last 10 years. But losing in such a grand fashion that invokes memories of other epic losses and begins comparisons to the worst chokes of all time? Well that's just good old fashioned Red Sox baseball. They moved Red Sox fans one step closer to feeling like they used to before the World Series wins. However, If Brendan Shanahan was the disciplinarian for Major League Baseball he'd suspend the Red Sox 20 games for kicking its fans in the nuts. Just saying

Seriously, I have never been more sure of one thing, and that was when New York went up 7-0, I still knew Tampa was going to win. I won't lie and say I saw Papelbon's Cloutier impression coming, I assumed the Sox would win tonight and then choke tomorrow, but still, the Yankees weren't going to let the Rays lose that game. Regardless if you're a baseball fan or a lover of stats, anyone has to look at tonight's baseball games and go "What the **** did I just witness?". 

As for MANcari's own goal, well, come on. Mancari passed it RIGHT to Luongo and somehow Roberto flubs it. I don't know what the Canucks are supposed to do when their number one goalie can't even handle tip passes in his own crease. Sheesh.



Vancouver Canucks News:

  • Probably old news to mostly everyone, but in case you somehow missed it tonight/the last few weeks, Bobby Lou is moving away from the all white pads and adding a touch of color to them. Now we can scream at him and say "Why didn't you make that save with your stupid blue, green and white pad!!!" instead of just wondering why he didn't stop it with his white pad. Yay! Check them out at [Inside Canucks]
  • Mark MANcari feels the wrath of Alain Vigneualt as his skating has been brought under fire by the coach. Jason Botchford describes the joy of trying to watch the Canucks game and only finding baseball, as well as letting us know that MANcari's chances of making the team took a giant downswing last night. We also find out that Andrew Ebbett is battling Cody Hodgson for the 2nd line center spot, and received the most praise last night out of any other player. Let's all give a collective sigh right now. [Vancouver Province] 
  • Ian Mac Attack MacIntyre gives us his review of the Canuck game. It involves the words "soft", "veteran" and "Ducks", so I think we can all safely assume this is a story about soft veteran ducks ruining the west coast's real estate market. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Malholtra is feeling good and can't wait to get back on the ice. Henrik's son only does a couple of good drawings, leaving many wondering what he must do to impress his father. And since this article was written before MANcari's own goal, it writes positively about MANcari's chances of making the team. So I shall read this article about back when times were good and forget all about last night. [Vancouver Sun]
  • More MANcari fall out, as here is the Alain Vigneault touch of death as he buries MANcari with the skating comment. Sigh. [Province Sports]
  • The Province looks at the idea of Alberts being replaced by Sauve at times this season. Which if this pre-season is any indicator, that seems like a fantastic idea. Andrew Alberts has made Aaron Rome look like Nick Lidstrom at times. [Province Sports]
  • Harrison Mooney does a Canucks preview over at Puck Daddy [Puck Daddy]
NHL News and Notes:

  • The main thing people will be talking about tomorrow will be the hit Brendan Smith laid out on Ben Smith. I know it's hockey and it's a rough game, but if there is one thing I hate in life, it's Smith on Smith crime. We just can't have that in today's society.  The Smith's need to stick together! Anyways, I am sure the Shanaban video will be ready to go tomorrow, and the predictions on how long the suspension will be are already flying in, ranging from the Todd Bertuzzi (10 games or more) to the Colin Campbell (He knows my son Gregory so let's give him a fist bump and send him on his way). Watch the video below and weigh in on it in the comments below:

Brendan Smith Hit on Ben Smith - Wings vs Hawks (Sept 28, 2011) (via Thrillingbroom)

  • Yahoo Sports weighs in on the trials and tribulations of being an NHL hockey player, and tells players to smarten up young man, or no desert for you! Also, apparently the players used in Shanahan's videos aren't too pleased about being used as an example. I hope their $500,000 + job allows them to sleep easier. [Yahoo Sports]
  • Want a gif that makes Alex Semin look like a UFC veteran? Watch Max Talbot run away from a fight. I am pretty sure he slapped at the other guy with his purse as he ran. [GIF]
  • The Nashville Predators beat up the Washington Capitals 4-1 on the night. And since it's pre-season, it's really hard to read anything into these results. Which makes recaps of these games slightly boring for me. Do I really believe Craig Smith can keep up a 2 point pace on the season? Well if you're in a hockey pool with me then "Yes, yes I do, please pick him first overall." I do enjoy the fact Vokoun lost, though, because he probably won't lose too many come regular season. If you want a good breakdown of this game and want to know just how good of a pick Colin Wilson was, go over to [On the Forecheck]
  • Patrick Kane joined twitter last night apparently. I will save you from making a joke about it as I am pretty sure we all got more than enough one liners about it on Twitter last night. Patrick Kane also played center last night. We did not hear many jokes about this on Twitter last night. So now is my chance to shine...."Hey Patrick, I heard you played center last night. That's odd, because I could have sworn, oh hey, remember when you lost in round one last year?". BOOM. Yep. Still got it. Alas the Hawks managed to beat Detroit 4-3, but again, this is pre-season, it means nothing. Toews doesn't even use real tears when he cries to the ref in pre-season, he totally uses eye drops. One thing to note, though, is that it appears Fabian Brunnstrom has earned himself a contract in the eyes of the fans. Dave Nonis would be so proud. Read more about it at our good friends over at [Winging it in Motown]
  • As the Sportsnet Overlords had decided I TOTALLY had to see the outcome of the Braves game (I have never sworn so much at a caught ball in the outfield in my life), I got to watch the Jets game instead of half of the Canucks game. Luckily Jets fans gave this game the atmosphere of a playoff game (Well, of what they think a playoff game is. Poor Winnipeg) and it was a fun game to watch. Evander Kane is going to make us rue the day we didn't kidnap him in a van, once Winnipeg re-joins the West. Anyways, the Jets prevailed 3-1 after going through two periods of doing everything they could to JUST miss scoring, but finally stopped teasing us all by finishing off the Hurricanes 3-1. I kept watching for my Shanaban light to go off during the game, but it did not, so I think we are safe from suspensions on this game. Now let's all golf clap for Winnipeg and Carolina fans who didn't bother doing a game recap for you guys to read. Well done sirs. Now I have to link to a Yahoo Box Score Of Failure. [Yahoo Box Score of Failure]
  • The Varlamov trade paid off huge tonight, as Varly refused to let the Kings get the 7th goal tonight, keeping the score under a touchdown, as the Kings beat up on the Av's. Said Av's GM Greg Sherman "I asked the refs if they'd take a first rounder in exchange for a goal, but they wouldn't even listen to me. Good thing, too, because I'd already promised that first rounder to the writers of Breaking Bad if they would tell me what happens at the end of the series." Anze "Canucks could have drafted him" Kopitar had a field day in this one, getting a hat trick, or as Ray Emery calls them "DONT PUT THAT ON MY HEAD" trick. Jack Johnson, he of the Bulis hipcheck of doom, also picked up 3 assists. Read more at yet another Yahoo Box Score of Failure. [Yahoo Box Score of Failure]
  • The Simmonds banana thrower has been identified and charged [Chronicle Herald]
  • Gene Principe weighs in on Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and claims RNH is ready for the NHL. Based on the pre-season this looks like a no brainer, but then again, pre-season champions past like Steve Karyia and Fedor Federov warn you of jumping to conclusions. [Sportsnet]
Video of the Day:

Think PC Gaming is dead? THINK AGAIN. Diablo 3? Battlefield 3? Starcraft 2? NO.......STREET CLEANING SIMULATION IS THE FUTURE

Seriously, whoever made this video, god damn, just brilliant.